Born and raised in Houston, Texas, I have watched the Houston HipHop movement front-row center. I started making mixtapes in the sixth grade before I knew what making "mixtapes" were. I used to put together tapes from recording songs on the radio. Even in the early years, I had structure, I used to make a list of the songs I wanted and in the order I wanted them on the tape. I would listen to the radio all night while doing homework waiting to record. The finished product would be a cassette tape ready for a long bus ride to/from school.

Even then I listened to all kinds of music. I had a thing for the time life commercials with the golden oldies when I was a little kid. As a child, there was something about music that kept my attention. It did not matter what type of music it was. In one day I would listen to Journey, Boston, Bon Jovi, Depeche Mode, New Kids, New Edition, Luther Vandross, Earth, Wind And Fire, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Etc... I used to dissect songs to see what instruments were used to come up with each unique sound.

I got my first experience with a DJ Booth my freshman year in High School. I made friends with a neighborhood kid named Lionel. At the end of the school year he and some of his friends booked a teen venue called "Fame City" for an end of the year party. I was designated the official roadie and was in charge of carrying records. Yes my friends when I started there was no such thing as a CD / MP3 player. I was allowed to place one record on the turntable; it was UGK’s “Tell Me Something Good.” It was in that moment, when I realized the kind of power a DJ could have over a crowd. Big shouts out to The Pimp & The Bun. I lost track with those guys that summer. A couple moved and one went to jail.

It was not until I graduated high school I would meet my next partners in wax. I met DJ Swift and DJ Popeye at the same time. I met one from a girl I was dating and the other from my summer job. Together, we collaborated to form our first group “Triple Ace.” We had other members that would help us with parties from setups, dancer/entertainers to promotional help. We started out working for anyone that would have us. All we asked was $50 and a plate of food. We worked a number of house parties and a few nightclubs. Along this ride, I learned how to entertain all walks of life and how to do formal events. I also learned how to juggle a formal performance as well as keep an ear to the street in the local HipHop culture.

Well that is the beginning. Let’s see how far this ride takes me! If you love me… then jump on the bandwagon! If you do not… then by all means, use all your energy to hate me! For it is you that is truly my #1 Fan! I could not have done it without you!!


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